Fire district lacks support

Reader Input
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The (Newcastle Fire Protection District) department has a standing offer on a “free” parcel (limited time is in play). It needs to be filled and leveled, all components, water, sewer, electricity, phone etc., are at the property.
The choice they are considering first is located on a granite slab alongside Indian Hill Road. The granite in the area must be leveled and made into finish grade.This cost to the Indian Hill Road building contractor was so excessive they went broke on the job.
The size and cost per foot that are reported in this article are way out of whack for the size of the district (“Newcastle firehouse site search paused until after election,” Journal, Oct. 21). This is not Marin County or even Granite Bay.
There are many companies that can install an insulated metal building (fire house specifications included) for a far less expensive cost per foot and it can be done quickly.
The listed costs of moving in October are unreasonable. Can’t the department move most of their equipment by themselves or at least with volunteer help?
When the post office was burnt to the ground on a Thursday night, the employees on their own with a couple of trucks from Sacramento moved all the equipment to Auburn.
The following Saturday the equipment was moved back to the Elliott Rose building, where the help volunteered to clean all the equipment that was fire-damaged and install everything into Roses’s building. There was never lost time in service. The cost to the USPS was negligible.
If the board were being honest they would list the properties that are being considered along with the all costs to supply all services and ready to build (grade level).
Mike Monahan, Auburn