Fire fee unfair and illegal

Reader Input
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My husband and I just received our “advance notice” that we would be amongst those being taxed $150 extra for fire protection. The “advance notice” tells us that we are “entitled to object and may submit in writing” a reason as to why we feel we should not have to pay this extra tax. I do plan on objecting to this selective tax that was foisted upon us. We have a fire station nearby and as I stated in a previous letter on this topic, we have spent a huge amount of money to install professional grade irrigation as well as hiring a professional tree removal company to protect our six acres of property. We supposedly live in a country where the motto is “no taxation without representation.” So, I ask, where was the representation of the few of us who had this tax forced upon us? I am very grateful that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association plans to fight this illegal tax on our behalf. We pay property taxes for fire protection just as every other homeowner does. The legislature had no legal right to pick out some homeowners for this extra tax. I refuse to call it a “fee” — it is an extra tax to be paid by a select few. Totally unfair and illegal. Donna McCloskey, Auburn