Firefighters? achievement inspires awe

Reader Input
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I woke up in my own bed this morning, a seemingly unremarkable event for most, but for me, it was miraculous. The ?Robbers Fire,? as it came to be known, forced my family and our neighbors from our homes over a week ago. At the time my main focus was on loading up our 14 animals safely and transporting them as far away as possible. My thoughts did not stray to my house and all of its contents. I was resolute that I should let go of what I was leaving behind as our home is tucked cozily among the tall trees of pine, oak and birch at the end of a winding road at the highest point of a steep ridge, a glorious place to live but a tinder box for fire. I am awestruck that not only did my house remain untouched, but also those of my neighbors who also lived in the direct path of the fire. Some 2,206 firefighters and personnel worked on this fire and I wish with all my heart that I could thank each and every one of them. These men and women, with God?s help, performed a miracle. I will not forget them and will try with all my might to return the favor through deed and manner. Thank you to everyone who helped to save our homes. We will not take it for granted. Kathy Shawl, Foresthill