Firefighters ineffective

Reader Input
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Do your job! It’s not my place to tell a fireman how to put out a fire but I wish someone would. It never ceases to amaze me how fires are not put out anymore. I know the firemen are doing what they are told but maybe the guy doing the telling should be replaced. If these fire chiefs worked anyplace else other than the state or county, they would be out of a job. I know this sounds harsh but these are hard times. Especially if it was your property that burned to the ground. When I was in the Navy, “back in the day,” we either put the fire out or we were burned alive. What do you do? Let the ship burn to the waterline with all hands aboard? We never heard of “let ’er burn” or “surround and drown.” We were fearless. We had to be. Knight Wagner, Colfax