First ‘water baby’ born in Auburn

Coincidentally, parents own ‘Mom’s Kitchen’ in Colfax
By: Staff report
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Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital’s Family Birth Center delivered its first baby by way of water birth this week. Auburn resident Dana Pappas gave birth to a healthy 9-pound baby boy, Samuel, at 2:39 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 8. Coincidentally, Pappas and her husband own and operate the Mom’s Kitchen restaurant in Colfax. Sutter Auburn Faith is the only hospital in Placer County – and one of the only in Northern California – now delivering babies via water birth. “Women in our community should be able to give birth in a safe environment where they feel most comfortable,” said Dr. Claire Leve, OB/GYN at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital. “And water birth is available for those women who feel most comfortable in the water.” Pappas’ first son, Michael, was born via water birth at Sutter Davis Hospital – the only other hospital in the greater Sacramento region that has birthing tubs for water births – and her second son, Alexander, was born two years ago at Sutter Auburn via a traditional bed birth. Having experienced both ways of delivery, Pappas says she most definitely prefers being in the water while delivering. She recalls the back pain she experienced while in labor on a hospital bed because of having to stay in one position and enjoys the ease of being able to change positions while in labor in the water. “Having given birth on a bed, I really wanted to go back to the water,” Pappas said. “You’re just able to move a lot easier and the water really helps to bring down the intensity level of the contractions.” Having worked with water birth for 32 years, Dr. Leve says the water can be calming and soothing for both mother and baby. Pappas says she was in the birthing tub for one hour before giving birth. Because of the comfort of being in the water, she says she didn’t need any pain medication while giving birth to Samuel, even given his hefty 9 pounds. Pappas and her husband, Mick, own and operate Mom’s Kitchen in Colfax, where she says family comes first. Being so family-oriented, the Pappases kindly give each person who brings in a photo of their own mother 50 percent off their meal. The Family Birth Center at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital recently purchased a portable, specialized water birthing tub that can be used in its birthing rooms. In addition, one of the rooms features a labor tub with Jacuzzi jets to help alleviate normal labor pains. Sutter Auburn Faith also provides a 24-hour epidural service for those mothers who want this method of pain relief.