First, send a message on local level

Reader Input
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While in principle I tend to agree with Raymond Tan (Reader Input, July 6) that the expense of over $1,600 for Placer County’s “Do-little dinner” is minor compared with the extravagance of the Senate and Congress, I think he misses an important point. It is quite difficult for us as residents of Placer County to do much about the excesses of our state and national representatives. But there is a lot we can do about the arrogant expenditures of our county supervisors. We should make our voices roar that they must put an end to such spending — now. Further, we should plan to vote them out of office, for they have shown that they are not concerned with public accountability on their own — especially Rocky (“public be damned”) Rockholm. It is the nature of the expense — spending it on themselves and the highest paid officials — and the timing of it — when thousands of their constituents are losing the jobs, their houses, their retirement plans — as well as the amount that should most upset us. Removal of local officials is a message that will certainly be heard by those in higher offices, both state and federal. Further, those officials tend to be selected from local officeholders. Future local officials who are chosen for higher offices will be quite unlikely to be so free with other people’s money when they remember that they were first elected to take the place of a lavish spender who was thrown out. CHAS. DAWSON, Auburn