Flawless Amgen for Auburn

Officials are excited for the city’s possible part in next year’s race
By: Bridget Jones Journal staff writer
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City officials want the chance to host the Amgen Tour of California again in the future. “We made a big leap (Sunday) by proving the business community, citizens and local government can come together to plan and host this type of event,” Capt. John Ruffcorn of the Auburn Police Department said Monday. Bob Richardson, Auburn city manager, said current discussions with Amgen officials about future races are positive because of the incredible way Auburn presented itself Sunday. “The race promoters are extremely pleased with the experience they’ve had with Auburn, and our discussions reflect the feelings they have of this community,” Richardson said. “Their focus is on finishing this year’s event, but our relationship is strong.” Bruce Cosgrove, chief executive officer of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce, said a large amount of camera footage was captured Sunday, and the chamber is planning to create a video specifically geared toward keeping Amgen officials interested in Auburn. The chamber is also creating a video for general promotions of the city. “Out of this process we’ve actually put together a lot of footage … and we’re putting together what we’re calling an epic documentary,” Cosgrove said. “I’m feeling pretty confident it will have an impression on the Amgen organizers.” The first version of the video for Amgen officials could be ready in about a month. The chamber and city will then review the footage, Cosgrove said. The footage was made more spectacular through shots captured by a helicopter used specifically for the event, Cosgrove said. “It’s going to make the video much more dynamic and tell the story much more dramatically,” he said. The camera equipment on board the helicopter was partially funded by The Ridge Golf Course and the Placer-Lake Tahoe Film Office, Cosgrove said. Beverly Lewis, Placer-Lake Tahoe Film Office director, said the footage would promote more than just Auburn in the future. “The footage that was obtained will actually benefit the city as well as the county,” Lewis said. “It was something we were very happy to participate in.” Cosgrove said online resources like YouTube might be used to promote completed video footage of Auburn. Cosgrove said a possible return of Amgen in 2011 would mean pulling out all the stops. “We want to do it bigger and better than we did it this year,” he said. Ruffcorn said he is proud of the teamwork between city officials, business owners and community members it took to bring this event together. “I can’t say enough good things about it,” he said. “It was a true collaborative effort. It’s just Auburn being Auburn, and that sells itself. It’s just a matter of getting people to know about our wonderful community.” Richardson said he’s also thankful Nevada City worked hard to make sure Auburn was included in the race this year. “We very much appreciate their assistance this year,” he said. Richardson said Auburn should be truly proud of its flawless execution of this event. “Auburn put (its) best foot forward really for all the world to see,” he said. Reach Bridget Jones at