Focus on what’s right for nation

Reader Input
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We all knew it was coming and (Ron) Lowe was the first as usual (Reader Input, Jan. 13). We all knew liberals would somehow blame Sarah Palin for the tragedy in Tucson. These latest radical hateful attacks on Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, and anyone else who disagrees with them has to make decent Americans sick to their stomachs. It’s such a disgrace many on the left are attempting to cash in on this national tragedy and the death of a beautiful 9-year-old girl for political advantage. Shame on them, Shame on them! Left wing fanatics must realize this kind of disgusting rhetoric is the reason their choo-choo jumped the track in November. If they keep this up, they’ll suffer an even bigger derailing embarrassment in 2012. Americans are sick and tired of all this vitriolic tripe, they expect and deserve grown-ups, on both sides, to gain control of the national debate. It’s time honest, sincere adults put a stop to this unwarranted malevolence from the left and get down to doing what’s right for our nation and her people. Bob Webster, Penn Valley