Folding their way to frogs

Local artist has origami fun with Boys & Girls Club members
By: Loryll Nicolaisen, Journal staff writer
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Kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Auburn took part in an art metamorphosis Tuesday morning. Under the direction of Auburn artist Patty Pieropan Dong, more than a dozen club members made a handful of folds to transform paper into origami frogs. “We have to make sure it can sit, stand and hopefully hop,” Dong said, walking boys and girls through their folds. Dong was one of a handful of artists who conducted art lessons Tuesday. The Boys & Girls Club is currently conducting a spring-break camp. “OK, art fans,” Dong said, “this frog is blind. What do we need to add?” “Eyes!” the young artists responded. Max Clay, 9, opted to create a Cyclops frog, giving his amphibian a single eye. “And it’s poisonous!” he said of the paper frog. Dong told the boys and girls they could decorate their frogs however they wanted. “I did circles because most frogs have circles on their bellies, and blue’s my favorite color,” Cherish Dalpez, 8, said about one of her frogs. She ended up coloring a companion frog completely blue. Evan Keating and Nick Wilson worked on their frogs a couple tables over from Cherish. “I did some stripes and some little fire signs,” Evan, 10, said about his frog. “I like doing art, and it’s just really fun.” Nick had different ideas for each of his frogs. “This one I made with a whole lot of black squiggles with yellow in the middle,” the 9-year-old said of the first frog. “This one is going to be a checkerboard, red, yellow, red, yellow.” Lily Rothbardt, who turns 10 on Thursday, enjoyed the art project. “Origami is a really fun thing to learn,” she said. “You can do a bunch of things with it.” Apparently it’s also a timely art project, said little sister Lucy Rothbardt. “We just got a pet frog on Sunday!” said Lucy, 7. Dong said there are many reasons why Tuesday’s lesson was a good one. “They can identify with it — there are frogs all over the world, and it’s a real simple origami project,” she said. “I really enjoy the kids, and I really think that the kids do not do enough hands-on stuff. It’s just a good thing all around.” __________ Tickets are still available for the Boys & Girls Club of Auburn Harley Raffle. The club is raffling off a Harley V Rod 105th Anniversary motorcycle. Tickets are $100, and only 1,500 tickets will be sold. The raffle will be held at 5:30 p.m. at the Boys & Girls Club, 679 Lincoln Way, Auburn. Call (530) 889-2273 or see for more information. __________ Learn more about Patty Pieropan Dong at