Foreclosure tour letter provided big laughs

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Having been a reader of the Auburn Journal's comic section and its letters to the editor section for over 30 years, I truly know where to head for the bigger laughs. Yep, Jim Brown proved to me again that the letters to the editor is, hands down, always the silliest section. What in God's name are you thinking about, and I use that word in its loosest sense, to write, to watch buyers roll down your street in a limo deciding if your hard work is worth anything. Jim, try to follow this: No one is home. No one has been home for months. Why would anyone with these broken dreams even want to drive by their broken dream home? The home is probably an eyesore and the entire neighborhood wants the house sold, re-occupied and fixed up. Foreclosed homes are a great opportunity for first-time buyers, but you apparently feel that the mode of arrival is important enough for you to waste the space in the Auburn Journal with your ill-considered rantings. I know both agents you are hyperventilating about. They are both decent, hard-working people that I am glad are in my circle of friends. I do not know you and I am happy to leave it at that. Jack Hertel Newcastle