Forest Lake valedictorian has fond memories of theater, Germany

By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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Forest Lake Christian School senior Rachel Pennington, 18, said she will miss many things about high school including her drama class and her friends. Pennington also holds dear the memories of traveling to Bavaria, Germany for a couple of weeks during a summer through an exchange program. “It probably wouldn’t have mattered if it was Germany or any other country, I just wanted to see the world and visit other cultures,” Pennington said. “I’m so glad I did it. Being over there was just so incredible. It was amazing getting to see the history and getting to see this amazing world that God created on a whole new level.” What are your future plans? Next year I’m going to The Master’s College down in Los Angeles, and I plan to go there for at least four years. I am planning on majoring in communications with an emphasis in electronic media. Basically, I want to go into the movie making business, whether that be acting, directing or film editing, I like it all. One of the other things I’m hoping to do … The Master’s has a career program called IBEX, Israel Bible EXtension, where you can go and live in Israel for a semester, and I really want to do that. What will you miss most about high school? A lot. My friends, and drama (class), teachers and spirit week. A lot of things, I can’t pinpoint only one thing. What won’t you miss about high school? Finals. I’m not going to miss that. What have you been involved in during your time in high school? I’ve been involved in drama. I love drama. I’ve made most of my friends and fond memories of high school there. I’ve also been involved ... with class council, and my friend and I did spirit week coordinating. So, we coordinated everything for our class: T-shirts, decorations and all this crazy stuff. This year I’ve also helped our school put on the Stations of the Cross. It’s not exactly what you would think of. We built these stations for each event that led up to the death and resurrection. So, I got to help set that up, and that was really fun. What are you most proud of accomplishing as a high school student? I’m a valedictorian, and so the fact that I survived high school and survived with all A’s, I’m kind of proud about that. I don’t want to brag about it, but I’m proud of it, because it’s been hard. Reach Bridget Jones at