Foresthill area’s American River Fire rehab price tag $500,000

Forest Service plans emergency safety measures
By: Journal Staff
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The U.S. Forest Service is moving to protect American Fire lands before rain and snow moves in.

The Forest Service has approved emergency safety and erosion-prevention measures totaling nearly $500,000 for work in the American Fire’s 27,440-acre footprint of destruction east of Foresthill.

The emergency response recommendations are for measures to manage potential threats to human life and safety, repair severe damage to roads and trails, and protect soil productivity and native plant species.

Tahoe National Forest Supervisor Tom Quinn said project work is planned to start as soon as conditions permit in an effort to stabilize areas before winter weather arrives. Initial work is targeted to be completed by the end of August next year.

“The measures planned to manage unacceptable risks within the American Fire area will do much to address emergency resource concerns,” Quinn said. “Rehabilitating and restoring the area’s resources supports our mission and responsibility to the public.”

 The fire, located about 10 miles east of Foresthill on isolated Forest Service and privately held timberland, burned between Aug. 10 and Aug. 29 before being declared contained. Once contained it continued to burn inside fire lines in areas that hadn’t experienced fire in as long as 100 years.

Just more than $200,000 will be used to stabilize roads and trails. Work includes cleaning culverts and roadside ditches, installing culverts and grading roads.

Another $200,000 is to be spent on mulching and chipping activities on areas with high-priority soils in an attempt to minimize erosion and protect water quality, a Forest Service report states.

The Forest Service is also planning to use about $33,000 for hazardous tree removal and warning signs. Weed detection and eradication will be used in some areas to protect native plant species.