Foresthill gun incident handled well

Reader Input
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In the interest of clarification, I refer to the community comments quoted in Jenifer Gee’s article, “Eighth-grader brings gun to Foresthill school,” (Journal, May 29). Before allowing the assertions about how the school staff handled the situation, reporter Gee should have verified the facts. Immediately upon becoming informed of the violation and before the student was removed from class, principal Shannon Jacinto contacted the sheriff’s department. Deputies were on campus as the student was removed from the classroom. Principal Jacinto did just an outstanding job of handling the incident, involving law enforcement from beginning to end. I want to thank Sgt. Art Thomas, Deputy Kevin Fitzgerald and Deputy Bob Bumpus for their assistance in this serious matter. My letter going home to parents was written within an hour of the first report and went home with students that very day. If there was some confusion in my statement that the issue was still not resolved, it was only because at that time information was still coming to light. Events such as this tend to generate much in the way of rumors, misinformation and outright untruths. Our community needs correct information if they are to properly evaluate the safety of our schools. Jim Roberts, Superintendent, Foresthill Union School District