Foresthill helps a small boy

Reader Input
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Saturday night, in the tiny town of Foresthill, the wonderful, caring, dedicated townsfolk held a barbecue/dinner dance/raffle for a wee boy who has been battling leukemia for 6 of his 7-1/2 years (Journal, Sept. 17). This wee boy, Maxwell Herlehy, was able to show up briefly with his parents after his bone marrow transplant this summer. With his mask on and his family in tow, the child started to wander up to the stage to see what was going on. He was startled when applause broke out. I had tears in my eyes as my grandson, replete with a new immune system from his brother accepted the applause from these wonderful residents of this jewel of a town. I asked for a list of all involved, and, true to form, was told there were too many. Much more than the astounding $9,000 they raised is the palpable love and caring that was obvious. In these hard, trying times people who, themselves struggling, gave. Generations were dancing together. Stories were told. Thanks was given. Bonds were formed. The Herlehy family, Grandma Gayle included, will never be able to thank all involved in this six-year journey properly. May God be with you all. Gayle Herlehy, West Sacramento