Foresthill man proposes gas cost idea

By: Bruce Warren, Journal Staff Writer
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Bobby Capps of Foresthill took his fight for lower gasoline prices to an open forum of motorists Monday afternoon on Interstate 80. For more than four hours, Capps, who is 51, stood on top of the cab of his Chevy pickup truck, wearing an Uncle Sam top hat and waving a large American flag near the Newcastle exit, and the site of Auburn Outboard Marine. “OPEN OIL RESERVE” in black, bold capital letters read the handcrafted sign perched across the bed of his truck. “They’re lying down and playing dead,” Capps said, criticizing the inaction of American citizens. “I’m tired of people just taking it. This guy told me it would take 10 years to get the reserve pumps going.” While standing by his truck on High Street in downtown Auburn, Capps received plenty of honks of support. He even called out to Auburn resident Jerry Kopp, who runs Uptown Signs. Kopp offered to make bumper stickers for Capps, if he was interested. Does Capps have a solution to high gas prices? “Our solution is we should open up the oil reserve,” Capps said. “We are spending trillions in Iraq and we’re getting nothing back. I think people should demand that we open up our oil reserves.” An actor, writer and director of film productions, Capps said he and his wife have lost their savings, and cannot go on vacation anywhere with the current gas prices. — Bruce Warren