Former fun spot now ‘totally gross’

Reader Input
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I was driving in the pouring rain Sunday, pondering all the cool back streets and unique houses in the nooks and crannies of Auburn, when I noticed the old batting cage and miniature golf business that used to be open to the public. You know the one, tucked away by the Denny’s restaurant off Sutherland and the Foresthill exit. Only the words “totally gross” can describe the way it looks now: old toys, clothes, garbage and an old run-down building no doubt inhabited by homeless people and other desperados in hiding. Just thinking about it freaks me out. What is going on with Auburn’s community or, better yet, the county officials in charge of Auburn’s care and upkeep, the simple maintenance of its land, properties and its overall appearances? That place may be out of sight, but I’ll tell you that it is absolutely disgusting and should be considered a hazardous site immediately. There must be some program within the county’s jurisdiction that takes care of this kind of unfortunate mess. I felt truly sad when I saw what a wastebasket that place has become. Isn’t there someone on the “I can make a difference” list in Auburn who can at least make that place look less like a human dump? I think there will be a lot of excuses and reasons (probably good ones too) as to why it can’t be fixed up or at least made presentable. It could even be made into a cool place for teenagers to hang out safely someday. I’m curious to see who will get their hands dirty. Just my humble opinion. Francisca Suverkropp, Auburn