Foss has rooted on Bruins for over 20 years

Bear River fan works the chain gang
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Name: Raymond Foss Occupation: retired Player's name, team and number: Dan Foss, volleyball, cross country, track, cross country skiing. 1991-1995; Pamela Foss 1998-2002, soccer Q: Why do you love going to the Bear River games? A: “Being around the youth. I find most of these kids are very nice, very polite and they just seem to have a good attitude and I believe it is because they are in sports. I go to football. I go to basketball. I pretty much go to them all, except for the cross country running and golf, which I would like to go to.” Q: What compels you to show so much spirit? A: “I don’t know, probably just the like of the kids and the competition. To be a super fan I think you have to be a fan of most all the sports, not just football or something. All these kids love these sports, no matter what it is, so I think it’s good to support them all. The real super fan of super fans was Duane Horsky. When he passed away, we literally filled the stadium for a memorial of him.” Q: What do you do to show your spirit for the team? A: “I travel with the freshman team to away games. I do the chain gang for the freshman and the junior varsity. I have been doing that since 1995 and I have been doing it ever since. I enjoy traveling with the freshman team to away games.” Q: What game or moment has been your favorite so far this season? A: “I would have a hard time putting my finger on something this season so far, but I think the greatest team we have ever had was a volleyball team that went undefeated the whole year and they played some really good teams in Southern California.” Q: What do you enjoy about high school football? A: “I like working the chains. You are real close to the action. It’s just the action. You are right on the sideline of course. You are close to the visitor’s coaches. You get to hear them and the players. Sometimes you gotta run like hell when the players are coming at you. When they hit you, you feel it, which has happened to me once in my time.” Q: How does your life change during football season? How much of your time is dedicated toward it? A: “I travel with them (the freshman team) and I don’t get to go any of the practices with them because I am usually working. I eat lunch with them. The taco salads are great. I work the chain.” Q: What is your favorite phrase, chant or cheer that you like to shout out during games? A: “I have something I say with softball and it’s gotten to be kind of famous with softball. When the first girl used to come up, Stephanie Ceo, she was real fast. I would yell real loud, ‘we have a need for speed.’”