Four Wins in a row for Placer's Kenworthy

By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Even difficult snow conditions couldn’t stop the force of the Placer High Ski team at Boreal on Monday. Senior, Karly Kenworthy took first place again in the slalom races with a combined time of 1:21.62. Kenworthy has now earned first place four races in a row, beating out Alex Graves of Davis by a margin of nearly eight seconds. Julian Faulkner of Placer has been steadily climbing the ranks, finishing second in the slalom at 1:20.96 behind Davis’s Windham May. Evan Swayze, who has been finishing first for several weeks, came in 11th this week with a time of 1:29.03. “Evan had a fabulous first run, but slid down a hill to miss a gate, and had to hike back up on his second run,” said Placer ski coach Matt Conley. Conley said that snow conditions proved to be tricky for the competitors, causing many of them to miss gates. Colfax ski coach, Jeff Scott also found the conditions to be difficult, but that didn’t stop his team from sweeping several notable finishes. Stephanie Scott of Colfax came in third with a time of 1:31.17. Nicola Lorang also moved up from last week to seventh place, at 1:35.64. “Overall I was happy with the results and we had everybody finish,” Scott said. “The snow was just really soft and rutted after the 5, 6 and 7.” Colfax came in third place in team standings with 338 points, beating out Placer with 299. Davis placed first with 424, with Nevada Union trailing just behind them with a total of 421 points. The snowboard teams of the Central Division II will go head-to-head again in Monday’s giant slalom on Sugar Bowl. Reach Sara Seyydin at ______________________________________________________ Boreal Slalom Varsity Women’s Top 20 1. Karly Kenworthy, Placer, 1:21.62 2. Alex Graves, Davis, 1.29.4 3. Stephanie Scott, Colfax, 1:31.17 4. Marty McDowell, Nevada Union, 1:31.33 5. Lily Wolf, Davis, 1:31.7 6. Quinlan Grim, Nevada Union, 1:34.49 7. Nicola Lorang, Colfax, 1.35.64 8. Olivia McDowell, Nevada Union, 1:35.74 9. Julia Ramirez, Nevada Union, 1:38.41 10. Madeleine Welsh, Davis, 1:38.49 11. Caitlyn Shirley, Portola, 1:38.65 12. Nicole Bajka, Colfax, 1:40.5 13. Sachi Wong, Davis, 1:40.65 14. Kendra Green, Nevada Union, 1:40.93 15. Chelsea Ewing, Davis, 1:41:43 16. Madison Hoal, Davis, 1:42 17. Erica Newman, Nevada Union, 1:42.35 18. Bailey Semmens, Colfax, 1:42.95 19 Kaitlyn Dwelle, Bear River, 1:44.33 20. Clara Goen, 1:44.46 Varsity Men’s Top 20 1. Windham May, Davis, 1:16.47 2. Julian Faulkner, Placer, 1:20.96 3. Henry Dillingham, Quincy, 1.23.35 4. Garrett Hagwood, Quincy, 1:23.71 5. Koby Barker, Quincy, 1:24.8 6. Brian Biersdorf, Nevada Union, 1:24.83 7. Zane Lopez, Davis, 1:25.57 8. Dylan Laidlaw, Colfax, 1:26.76 9. Mac Lujan, Nevada Union, 1:27.18 10. Eric Green, Nevada Union, 1:27.44 11. Evan Swayze, Placer, 1:29.03 12. William Young, Davis, 1:29.05 13. Drew Anderson, Colfax, 1:29.28 14. Kian Reno, Davis, 1:29.82 15. Adam Harris, Nevada Union, 1:51.21 16. Parker Sanders, Davis, 1:30.89 17. Kyle Wells, Placer, 1:31.01 18. Dupree Dupratt, Davis, 1:32.84 19. Micahel Sekerek, Nevada Union, 1:33.01 20. Robert Sekerek, Nevada Union, 1:34.56 Central II Division Ski Team Results- Sugar Bowl Slalom 1.Davis- 424 2. Nevada Union-421 3. Colfax- 338 4. Placer- 299