Frances Hoffman to celebrate 100th birthday

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Frances C. Hoffman, aka  “Fritz” or “Fritzy,” will turn 100 years old on April 17. 

Hoffman was married to Francis B. Hoffman (deceased), and their children are James Hoffman (deceased); Larry Hoffman, Clarkston, Wash.; Thomas Hoffman,  Auburn;  and Mary Ann Hoffman, Lewiston, Idaho. 

As a child in Council Grove, Kan., Hoffman preferred to play with her brother Ralph than with her two older sisters. She was the fourth of 11 children of Henry and Anna Holscher, who gave her the nickname Fritz. She was very much the tomboy and a champion basketball player at only 5 feet tall, but developed into a feminine young lady who married Francis Hoffman in November of 1934. She remained his wife for 67 years, until his death in 2002.

The family moved to Westwood in 1941. She always put her family first as a stay-at-home mom. She was a good cook and canned fruits and vegetables. She was an excellent baker, pies being her specialty. She sewed clothing for the whole family and gave haircuts to everyone. She won a lifetime achievement award from the Parent and Teachers Association for all the time she volunteered and the leadership positions she held. She was den mother to many young boys of the Boy Scouts. She belonged to the Altar Society of Our Lady of the Snow Catholic Church, which made sure the church and linens were always clean and helped lead and organize fundraisers.

After moving to Auburn in 1956, when her youngest was 12 years old, she began work as a nurse at Placer County Hospital until her retirement in 1972. Many women in and around the Auburn area remember her to this day as the nurse who helped to deliver their babies.

Annie Oakley didn’t have a thing on this woman who could ride a horse, outshoot and outfish all the men in the family.  She loved camping and took many long hunting trips to Colorado. Her most memorable vacation was a month-long road trip she and her husband took to Alaska with her brother and his wife in their motor home.

She has lived at Emerald Hills Assisted Living for the past 11 years, where she has made many friends since the death of her husband 10 years ago. She has been president of their association more than once and Mardi Gras Queen. She enjoys bingo and plays to win.

She is the oldest of the four surviving siblings: Dorothy Miley, Paradise; Robert Holscher, Lake Almanor; and Lawrence Holscher, Pittville. She is also the oldest of five generations of women: Mary Ann Hoffman, Michelle O’Callaghan, Stefani Wood and the youngest, now 2, Avary Wood. Her descendants are many: four children, 12 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

Grandchildren are Jay Hoffman, Plummer, Idaho; Joleen Magers, Clarkston, Idaho; Kurt Hoffman, Rathdrum, Idaho; Russell Hoffman, Wenatchee, Wash.; Brent Hoffman, Manchester, Tenn.; Paul Hoffman, Atlanta, Ga.; Daniel Hoffman, Steamboat Springs, Colo.; Diane Cross, Seattle, Wash.; Brian Hoffman, Applegate; Kevin Hoffman, Meadow Vista; Michelle O’Callaghan, Lewiston, Idaho; and Robert Fluharty (deceased). Great-grandchildren are Alecia Hoffman, Clarkston, Wash.; Justin Hoffman, Farmington, Wash.; Rachael Jones, Clarkston, Wash.; Jason Hoffman, Arkansas; Jimmy Hoffman, Rathdrum, Idaho; Jenna Hoffman, Rathdrum, Idaho; Mitchell Hoffman, Wenatchee, Wash.; Keil Hoffman, Wenatchee, Wash.; Noah Hoffman,  Atlanta, Ga.; Logan Hoffman, Atlanta, Ga.; Lola Hoffman, Meadow Vista; Stefani Wood, Clarkston, Wash.; Amanda Seidel, Clarkston, Wash.; Samuel NesSmith, Lewiston, Idaho. Hoffman also has two great-great-grandchildren, Gavin Rosen Wood and Avary Wood, Clarkston, Wash.

Her 100th birthday celebration is planned for April 21 in the Emerald Hills dining room, and will be attended by her entire family and friends from all over the United States.

They all wish her good health and more future birthdays.