Free cats really are not

Reader Input
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I couldn’t agree with Ms. Shirley Hartford more (“Cat give-away irresponsible,” Reader Input, July 8). For years, non-profit organizations have frowned upon “free to good home” ads in local papers because, as Ms. Hartford points out, these animals end up in less than desirable circumstances. Through an all-out effort, we (non-profit groups, and yes even PSPCA’s CEO) appealed to news editors to eliminate the practice of running “free” pet classified ads. Now PSPCA turns around and does exactly what they once denounced. In fact, I voiced my concern about PSPCA’s deleterious marketing practice at the last Animal Services Advisory Committee meeting. Unfortunately PSPCA didn’t attend. How can they afford to do this, you ask? PSPCA receives nearly $750,000 from the City of Roseville to act as its shelter. That contract amount is based on PSPCA’s cost to provide that service. With the city’s funding, the organization can afford to give away a lot of things free and then stick up the city for more money when they can’t meet their expenses. The city taxpayers are footing the bill for free cats. This practice is an abuse of public funding. Get ready folks, because the County of Placer is partnering with PSPCA to do their sheltering and it will soon be your tax dollars blowing in the wind. Rosemary Frieborn, Newcastle