Freedom of speech still vital

Reader Input
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I agree with Cleona Duncan (Reader Input, June 7) about the Freedom of Speech going away, and “political correctness” taking its place. What happened to the America where citizens could disagree and have different philosophies and opinions and still respect each other and hang together as Americans, and where it was OK for a person to stand up and give his opinion without being attacked? For example, why is it OK to attack and call “homophobic” anyone who disagrees with homosexual activity, but not OK for those who disagree to say they think there is something wrong with homosexual behavior? This also goes for both parties in politics and for abortion people vs. anti-abortion people. This is supposed to be a free country where every individual has the right to their own beliefs, opinions and to voice those beliefs and opinions in speech. So, in my opinion, anyone not willing to grant that right to others, should go live in Russia or some other country where they will fit right in, because that kind of behavior does not belong here. Marcia Winborne-Graven, Auburn