Frieborn cares deeply about animals

Reader Input
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I adopted two of the “special needs horses” from the Humane Society of the Foothills that came from A Chance for Bliss (“Woman says horse died due to humane officer's wrongdoing,” Journal, May 27).
I dealt with Rosemary Frieborn and was very impressed with how she handled herself. She made a special trip to my home to interview me as well as inspect my barn and my fencing to make sure that I could care for these two horses.
I transported one of the horses myself, but felt unsafe in transporting the second on my own. Rosemary made sure that Red was brought to my home in a trailer that was safe to transport him in. She has kept in touch with me over the past months and asked for pictures of Red and Kramer to ensure that they are thriving in their new “Forever Home.”
No one wants to see any animal suffer, and I truly regret what happened with Ranger, but I do feel that Rosemary has the best interest of the animals always in the forefront.
Lynne D. Harker, Foresthill