Frieborn does a world of good

Reader Input
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Why all this negativity and bad mouthing Ms. (Rosemary) Frieborn and the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills which has been covered twice in the Auburn Journal (“Woman says horse died due to humane officer's wrongdoing,” May 27; “Our View: Humane Society’s power needs to be in check,” June 10)?
What is the real motive behind Alexis Reynolds’ attempt to destroy Ms. Frieborn’s credibility?
One very old horse, who had reached his life span and was compromised by blindness, died in transportation. Anxiety could have killed the horse. Doctor’s patients die in surgery too and no fault of the doctor.
So why the attempt to discredit Ms. Frieborn?
Ms. Frieborn had no choice but to relocate the horse because the foster care person who wanted to adopt the horse did not have the financial resources to care for the animal if she obtained ownership?
Foster care people are reimbursed for food, vet bills and any other costs related to the animal through funds generated by Ms. Frieborn’s bookstore. In turn, the bookstore is run by dedicated volunteers who love animals and appreciate the work Ms. Frieborn does in the field.
The goal is for all abused and neglected animals who have been rescued by the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills to eventually be adopted by someone who will provide a comfortable and safe home, and has the financial resources to care for the animal.
To dwell on an unfortunate incident of one very old horse who died from unsubstantiated circumstances and ignore all the hundreds of animals Ms. Frieborn has rescued and found good homes for over the years is mean-spirited.
Dianne Foster, Foresthill