Frieborn's work deserves praise

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Re. ?Woman calls for Justice in Death of Horse? (Journal May 27), and Heather Ireland?s Response (May 30): It was very sad and unfortunate Alexis Reynolds lost her beloved horse. However, I must agree on each and every point of Heather?s comments regarding Rosemary Frieborn. I joined Rosemary?s organization ?Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter? when she founded it about 12 years ago, and am still connected with it (now ?Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills?). I have never seen anyone work more tirelessly than her, trying to increase animal adoptions and reduce euthanasia at the Auburn shelter, especially years ago, when it was overflowing with animals, and room needed to be made for daily new arrivals. Rosemary tried to recruit volunteers, worked frantically to set up and organize ?Doggy-Derbies? with vendors, animal adoptions, doggy-pageants, etc. I have seen her speak and plead passionately for the animals in front of the county?s Board of Supervisors and at Animal Advisory Meetings. She has tried relentlessly to bring animal abusers and hoarders to justice. And, 12 years ago, she started to push and fight for replacement of the antiquated and outdated Auburn shelter, which will become reality in about two years. And there is the used book store at the Raley?s Shopping Center. Rosemary started, with a charming boutique in the back, bringing in hundreds of dollars monthly for the animals. Instead of well deserved support, Rosemary has often been rebuked and harshly criticized in her fight for the welfare of animals. I have never seen any-one with more passion, love and compassion for animals than Rosemary. She is one of Placer County?s outstanding citizens and should be recognized for her tireless struggles and efforts, which I feel, is long overdue! Mechelle Buhan, Auburn