Fund public schools fairly

Reader Input
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Re: “Public school funding lacks sense,” (Reader Input, Jan. 5). I agree that school funding in California lacks sense. I think that if our state paid more attention to California’s overspending, the government would not be in debt. Therefore, teachers would be able to be paid to teach, and our school could have more educational tools and resources. The ratio of money spent for the administration versus the money actually reaching teachers is creating problems. I also think that local school boards are not rising to the potential that is necessary for our schools to become financially stable. Everyone involved in educating our local children should step up to our boards and make our problems known to the state. This would allow our government to see our problems more clearly, and hopefully, they will be changed. If our public schools find a way to be funded fairly without causing our state government to collapse, our overall education would improve. NATALIE ROWLAND, student, Auburn