Fundraiser brings fresh water to African village

By: Max Puckett Journal correspondent
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An Auburn resident was called to action after watching a Zambian woman suffer from injuries she received while trying to get water. Now she is asking other foothill residents to help. Leslie Warren, organizer of Thirst for the Third World, is raising funds to bring water to people in Zambia. Thirst for the Third World has raised money to build two wells starting in 2009. The fund hopes to earn $7,500 to complete a third well. “I met a woman who fell while trying to get water,” Warren said. “Without adequate medical care the injury became a serious life problem for her. Getting water in Zambia can be a very dangerous and strenuous activity. Water sources can be unsanitary and crocodile infested. After I was unable to get a wheel chair for the woman, I decided to try and make water easily accessible for more people”. After researching well drilling, Warren found Life Giving Water, a fund dedicated to providing water to the people of Zambia by drilling wells and providing water storage tanks. “I was so touched by this woman’s story. I did some research, found Life Saving Water, held a fund-raiser, and we got our first well,” Warren said. “It’s amazing how much impact one well can have for so many people. It is an incredible bargain to have such an impact on lives, education, nutrition and health for such a comparably small investment!” Sometimes natives rely on hand- dug wells with dangerous consequences. “If anything falls into it, animal etc, it becomes contaminated,” Warren said. “Recently a monitor lizard fell into a hand-dug well and almost all the children at the nearby school became sick.” Kathy Miller, an Auburn resident, attended the first fundraiser in 2009. “There is a definite need for clean drinkable water in the world,” Miller said. “In some places, women and children will hike over 10 miles to get a days worth of water and carry it home. This makes an enormous impact on people’s lives. Kathy is very philanthropic and dedicated. She sees a need and does not turn her back to it.” Warren gets immense satisfaction from helping those less fortunate. “I feel such gratitude that in my life experience I get to see my energy have a transforming affect on other people for the good,” Warren said. “When I see the results it really makes me feel joy.” ------------ Thirst for the Third World fundraiser What: West African music, African food and drink, dancing and lessons, drumming, silent auction of African art and more When: 2 – 6 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 16 Where: 2877 Allen Drive, Auburn Why: To raise money for a new well Cost: $20, which includes food RSVP to aguajustice