Furloughs cost state too much

Reader Input
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Ongoing furloughs of state employees not funded by the state are just pathetic. About 55,000 workers, a quarter of all state workers, are funded by sources outside of the general fund. Furloughing those workers loses money. The governor is turning away billions of dollars of federal money “to have the power to save money for California.” Outside-funded state workers are losing 15 percent of salary that they would promptly spend. California income taxes are decreased, PERS does not get all the retirement contributions they should and the local businesses don’t get the spending they need to stay afloat. Senator (Darrell) Steinberg estimates the current costs of furloughs at $7 billion and counting – to save $1.3 billion! This is a travesty; the math is clear. Furloughs are costing California millions of dollars everyday while the governor lies about “saving” money. State workers have sued to stop such fiscal lunacy, and they have won. Private attorneys are costing California millions on appeals. The Senate and Assembly have overwhelmingly voted bipartisan to un-furlough workers funded from outside sources. The governor has stubbornly vetoed that. Catch a clue, Governor. Your policy is crazy and indefensible, and the longer you stick to it, the dumber you look. Richard Dann, Auburn