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Future too important to call scientists idiots

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Robert Wahl’s recent letter (“Time Magazine signs on to global warming scam,” Your Views, April 23) calls people “idiots” for “complaining about excess CO2.” I am not sure what scientific basis Mr. Wahl relies on for being so assured that climate change either isn’t happening or is not caused or exacerbated by human activity. Certainly the vast consensus of the scientific community (e.g., the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) leaves no doubt about the cause of the climate changes we are now experiencing. I suppose Mr. Wahl considers these scientists (like the publishers of the New York Times and Time magazine) ”idiots” as well. Finally, Mr. Wahl’s assertion that “more CO2 equals more (food) growth” is flatly contradicted by a recent Stanford/UC study that examined that negative consequences that global warming is already having on food production, both in California and around the world. I would not rouse myself from my easy chair to write this letter if Mr. Wahl was merely ranting that the world was really flat. My children and grandchildren, however, deserve to inherit an earth that can sustain life as we know it. If that is going to happen, significant changes in how we live need to be implemented now. Thomas McDonnell Dutch Flat