Gaines’ action wastes funds

Reader Input
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We all received the sample ballot for the special election needed to elect a state senator for District 1. This election is needed because the two top vote-getters did not receive a clear majority.  What bothers me is that if Mr. (Ted) Gaines wins this seat, there will be a need for yet another election; someone needs to fill his position as Assemblyman. Mr. Gaines, unfortunately, ran for both seats (sort of hedging his bets). I have tried to find out what the election(s) will cost the taxpayers of Placer County by contacting the Registrar of Voters, but so far no response. I would suggest that we citizens vote for Mr. (Ken) Cooley and let Mr. Gaines stay in his present job. This will save us money and would show Mr. Gaines what we think of his being a “fiscal conservative Republican.” I have no ill will toward Mr. Gaines, but I do think he should have picked one position to run for and not burden us with this needless waste of public funds. Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn