Gaines’ power grab unseemly

Reader Input
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Ted Gaines saw the list of seven candidates for the 4th Assembly District primary and added his proxy wife, Beth Gaines’, name. The splintered vote allowed her to win one of the two spots. Ted had the political clout to promote his proxy in this heavily GOP district, despite her having no recognizable qualification for the position other than being Ted’s wife and proclaiming her conservative, tea-drinking credentials. She touts herself as a conservative, not a Republican. That means that she is a more equal Republican than other Republicans on the animal farm. A registered Democratic “philanthropist” from Orange County, Howard Ahmanson, was so keenly interested in our 4th Assembly District way up here in Northern California, that he sent Ted’s proxy $75,000. She took the money. So much for Republican principles. She, who is more Republican than you, had no qualms in accepting $75,000 from a Democrat. She is now in the special election, scheduled for May 3. I don’t have $75,000 to buy yard signs, but those of you who are put-off by this unseemly, manipulative grasp for power can get out your Magic Marker and make a yard sign saying, “Not Beth.” Denis Golemis, Rocklin