Gaines: Please allow vote

Reader Input
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A letter I sent to State Sen. Ted Gaines: I stood in the rain on Friday and Saturday in front of our grocery stores and asked this question: Ted Gaines does not want to let the voters decide if they want to keep the tax-extension as it is. If we don’t keep the tax-extension, (Gov. Jerry) Brown will have to make deeper cuts to our schools. Would you like the opportunity to vote on this? On Friday, March 25 in Cameron Park: At Bel Air — asked 71 people; 49 said yes; 22 said no. That’s 69 percent want to vote. At Food 4 Less — asked 84 people; 61 said yes; 23 said no. That’s 72 percent want to vote. On Saturday, March 26, in Auburn: At Bel Air — asked 53 people; 36 said yes; 17 said no. That’s 68 percent want to vote. Overall — I asked 208 people if they wanted to vote on the tax-extension and 70 percent said yes. You are supposed to represent us, not dictate to us. I have always had respect for you, but this is wrong. I know your children don’t go to public schools. But don’t punish my kids because you don’t have a stake in this game. You are supposed to speak for all of us. If you won’t speak for us, at least let us vote! Pat Snelling, Garden Valley