Gaines should have stayed put

Reader Input
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Re: Article: “(Ted) Gaines must move if he wants to keep seat,” (Journal, Aug. 22). What if Gaines had been content to keep the Assembly seat instead of running for the Senate at the same time? He could have saved the taxpayers the nearly $2 million cost of the recent special election. And he would have been spared the dilemma of having to change his residence. But then he would not have given his “tea party” buddy Beth Gaines the opportunity to grab that Assembly seat, thereby giving the Gaines family two seats in the state Legislature. This situation could be “corrected” next year when the up-and-coming Regy Bronner of Lincoln aims to relieve Beth Gaines of that extra seat. Keep your eye on Reginald Bronner, he’s running for Beth Gaines’ Assembly seat, and he’s a “comer!” William D. Bandes, Roseville