Gaineses’ political ambitions too costly

Reader Input
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Who is the wizard? I’m sure I heard the heels of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers clicking, but after reading (The Auburn Journal, Jan. 30), it appears that we are still in the Land of Oz. The proof lies in seeing that Beth Gaines is running for assemblywoman in our 4th Assembly District. First, a little background. There are three major political parties in our county; Democratic, Republican and the ME party. The ME party is composed of those politicians whose only concern is keeping themselves in public office. Ted Gaines is obviously a member of that ME party as demonstrated by his running for the California Assembly and also running to fill the seat of the late Sen. Cox. Amazingly, he was elected to both seats. He knew, going in, that if he won both seats it would require a special $800,000 election to fill his now empty 4th District Assembly seat. Eight hundred thousand dollars that we don’t have. Not to worry, the good senator’s priorities are clear: get ME elected to the highest office I can and let someone else worry about how to finance it. I cannot understand how we did that to ourselves. We too, knew that it would cost us $800,000, plus another probable $800,000 election if no 4th Assembly candidate got more than 50 percent of the vote. But we did it anyway. Beth Gaines, noting that we were all like Oz’s brainless Scarecrow, has announced that she, too, would like to be a member of the ME party. Folks, we can’t afford the Gaineses’ political ambitions. I really don’t know who I’ll be voting for on March 8, but you can be sure that it will not be Beth Gaines. Denis Golemis, Rocklin