Garrido tries to pull a fast one

Reader Input
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I just have to wonder why El Dorado County is even considering allowing the Garridos (Phillip and Nancy) to waste the court’s time and money on the idea of so-called visitations with each other to discuss “family matters” (Journal, Feb. 28). The three so-called family members of the Garridos should not even have to tolerate the idea of being forced to have any contact with their perpetrators. I feel so much empathy for Jaycee Lee for even having to testify against them and face them in court. I’m sure by now that the DNA has come back proving the father of Jaycee’s children is Phillip Garrido. I still can’t understand a court system where the criminal’s rights are more important than the victim’s. The horror of all that little girl’s captivity will be relived soon enough. Now it looks like Phillip Garrido is going to try to pull the insanity plea. He may have even realized years ago he’d be caught sooner or later and invented the “black box” he talks to angels and God with, just for that reason. The good news today was the announcement that Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper has been declared fit to stand trial after a lengthy delay! We can just now all hope and pray the same thing happens here in this case. Shawn Weaver, Foresthill