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Reader Input
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Gary Johnson would make an excellent supervisor for District 5. Gary has over 30 years of government experience at all levels. He understands how the system works and can fix it so that the county programs will benefit residents. From my 10 years of personal experience with Gary I know that he will work tirelessly to represent the voters. If you contact him you can be guaranteed to get a response, which will be a refreshing change. Having retired as a peace officer you can be sure that he will be more dedicated to making residents feel safe. During his four terms of service on the school board he gained experience with multi-level policy making which he will put toward addressing our concerns. Public schools here in District 5 will benefit from Gary Johnson?s election to supervisor as he is the only candidate who has stated that if elected he will donate 50 percent of his county pay to public schools here in the district. During these tough economic times, Gary?s commitment to keeping the county economically viable and environmentally sound ? protecting our agricultural base while preserving the unique environment we enjoy in Placer County ? will benefit all of us. Steve Yaeger, Weimar