Gas card theft resulted in total loss for the city

By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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The City of Auburn is reevaluating its internal controls after the theft of one of its gas cards resulted in a total loss of $15,000. In December, four suspects were arrested for using the city’s gas card at a Dawson Oil Cardlock Station off of Bowman Road. The card was stolen on Nov. 2 from a truck in the city’s wastewater treatment plant. After the suspects were arrested, the city was able to sell some of the gasoline recovered at the scene, but that money was used to dispose of the barrels the gas came in according to Bernie Schroeder, public works director. “It provided a nexus for the city to look at our internal controls. We have since initiated a process by which we can have immediate notification of any abuse on the fuel card. Obviously the intent is for it not to be repeated,” Schroeder said. “It was a total loss.” Since the incident, Schroeder said the city has decided not to keep gas cards in trucks even though the facility is guarded. “We do not keep cards in vehicles,” Schroeder said. “Now we have internal protocol so that this will not be repeated.” Reach Sara Seyydin at