Gay-bashing letter reveals

Reader Input
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In the earlier days of the civil rights movement, a few spiteful people used to speak openly in favor of continued discrimination. Their arguments — in fact their whole lives — were full of such hatred, such ignorance and prejudice that in a strange way it served to advance the cause of civil rights, for it showed to even more people the real values and mentality of the diehard segregationists. Perhaps the same can be said of the recent gay-bashing letter by Walter Drysdale (“Don’t coddle deviants,” Reader Input, Dec 10). The letter was full of such offensive bigotry and senseless outrage that at first I wondered why it would ever be printed in a community-oriented paper which supposedly upholds positive values. But then I realized that many well-meaning adults and especially young people who are open-minded and want to be free of prejudice who read his letter will come to see the illogical and vitriolic mindset of those who are rabidly anti-gay. In all likelihood, that will only serve to encourage or strengthen their support of equal rights and protection for their gay neighbors (and family members) — and hopefully induce them to speak out or take action to those ends. I hope so. LAURIE WESTPHALIA, Auburn