Gay lifestyle perverse

Reader Input
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Making it legal doesn’t make it morally right, the same as to abortion. The power of love and truth is found in Jesus Christ, the living word man calls the Bible, God’s love letter to humanity. It defines the fulfillment and pitfalls in what is called life. Within the divine power of God, he says his glory and life will be within holy matrimony between a man and a woman. The divine power of God is the wedding of two souls that bring forth life, called a family, father, mother and children, God’s mini-church. The other side of the coin called homosexuality, two men, two women living as being married will destroy itself. All humanity that lives and has purpose is fulfilled in the divine power of God through Jesus Christ. They call it gay pride. In reality it can be called moral perversion, the sin nature of man. This lifestyle can be changed and has happened by the grace of God, an invitation to know love and servant-hood in Jesus Christ. Harry Roach, Auburn