Gay marriage issue alive despite court decision

By: Gus Thomson Journal Staff Writer
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It’s back to the ballot again for California voters after the highest court in the state upheld Prop. 8. The November ballot measure placed a ban on same-sex marriages and followed a court ruling that allowed them starting in June last year. Prop. 8 supporters are celebrating a court decision that upholds a statewide vote and opponents are girding for another election in two years. Toby Adams, an Auburn woman whose same-sex marriage last June 17 was among those ruled valid by Tuesday’s 6-1 California Supreme Court ruling, said Wednesday she’s confident the ban will be reversed in another statewide vote. “We will have marriage equality in California,” Adams said. “2010 is the year and we’ll have another measure – and we have the support on our side.” While Adams’ marriage remains valid, she said it’s disappointing that same-sex couples who had not married between June and the November passage of Prop. 8 and cannot legally do so now. Adams and her wife, Jean, are moving to Davis. The two have been high-profile advocates of same-sex marriage, going as far as visiting the County Clerk’s Office on successive Valentine’s Days to request – and be turned down for – a marriage license. Adams said she was heartened by the crowd at Tuesday’s rally of same-sex marriage supporters outside the Placer County Courthouse in Auburn that drew about 70 people. Five years ago, a rally in Auburn for same-sex marriage drew three people, she said. There was no similar pro-Prop. 8 celebration in Auburn but supporters, like the area’s Assemblyman Ted Gaines, expressed satisfaction with the court decision. Gaines, R-Roseville, a father of five daughters, said he was pleased that the Supreme Court “has chosen to uphold the will of the voters.” “The people have spoken and they believe marriage should be between a man and a woman,” Gaines said. He added that Tuesday’s ruling represents “a big step toward protecting the traditional family“ while validating the California initiative process. Prop. 8 support was stronger than the around the state during the November vote. Last November’s Measure 8 vote in Placer County reflected the county’s more conservative population. Statewide, 52.1 percent voted “yes,” compared to 59.7 percent in Placer County. Auburn’s percentage of “yes” votes was 57.7. The Journal’s Gus Thomson can be reached at