Georgetown board spends too much

Reader Input
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At the special meeting on Jan. 31, the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District board was asked permission to hire two new employees. I was shocked that the new employees would be hired at the extravagant 2.7 percent retirement multiplier for PERS! This means the eventual pensions for these new employees will be much higher, which costs GDPUD (i.e. the ratepayers) more money. There is going to be a change for new employees back to the normal 2 percent at age 55. Typically, only safety employees, firefighters and law enforcement, people who risk their lives on a daily basis, get the 2.7 percent. I even suggested that they hire some temps, ditchworkers, until they can get back to the 2 percent. Directors Bonnie Neeley, Ray Griffiths and Norm Krizl voted to be fiscally irresponsible and to proceed with hiring the two new permanent employees at the higher rate! Director Bonnie Mclane voted “No.” If these directors were spending their money, I think they would not be so extravagant, but it is easy if it is the public’s money. We will have a chance to change things in November. Jack Podsedly, Georgetown