Get back to ethical care

Reader Input
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I have been very fortunate to have been covered by health insurance for most years. As I look back, I am appalled at how things have changed. When I was covered under my family’s policy, if I was sick the company paid 80 percent. When I was first employed, my employer paid for the coverage, and my husband and myself were covered 100 percent. I now pay nearly $900 per month for my health insurance, because I had heart failure under my present policy some years ago (at $250 per month at the time). I am once again in a system where I see my doctor for 10 minutes, and can only discuss one problem per appointment. I do not understand why people are saying that health care regulations are a terrible idea. In the past, the industry regulated itself. Many companies were ethical businesses, promised service for a price, and delivered it. No lies, no bait-and-switch, no canceling the policy if the insured got sick, no insurance company controlling the doctors. People signed on with the ethical companies and did not use one that cheated them. Why would we want not to have ethical health coverage? We used to. Bring it back! Carole Brown, Colfax