Get behind our president

Reader Input
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Three letters in recent newspapers caught our eye as being debatable, if not wrong. One questions our patriotism if we believe the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were a mistake, and another one puts the cost of those wars in the trillions of dollars. The most recent one proclaims that our constitution prohibits us from believing in socialism. Well, both my wife and I were teachers in our public schools which have been socialistic from the word go and we certainly did not need to go to war. We believe that has been established as an indisputable fact. So where does that lead us? We think it’s to the belief that we have wasted a great deal of our resources, and money, to a mistaken cause, not to mention the really more important loss of human life, which has been truly tragic for both our people and especially for the people of Iraq and of Afghanistan. And we believe the scare tactic of telling us that anything socialistic is no good is simply the conservatives’ way of trying to control things to their way of thinking! Let’s stop kidding ourselves. There is no reason for the wars. We should get out of both countries as fast as we can, and cut our losses now! We also need to fully support the United Nations so that we can find ways to find peace in the future without going to war. And we do believe the single payer way is the way to control health care costs, as well as providing health care for all of us in the USA. Fortunately, we have a president who agrees with those of us who believe in peace, and who only recently won the Nobel Peace Prize and who also has made health care for all in our country a major issue. We really do need to give him our full support too! BOB and GINNY MOCK, Auburn