Get off couch, get involved

Reader Input
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Our glorious leaders on both sides of the aisle are fond of stating repeatedly, “We are a nation of laws.” Oh goody, so was Germany in the ’30s and early ’40’s, so is Castro’s Cuba, so is Saudi Arabia. Granted, a nation must have laws. But not to the exclusion of rules. We obey laws. But we live our rules. During my lifetime our society has devolved to the point there are no rules. We tolerate conduct and behavior that not so many years ago would not have been accepted or allowed. We must re-engage in our own self-governance. If we do not, the government will, in the only way it can: pass yet more laws. This always leads to tyranny. Our elected officials have become arrogant and dismissive of us. Do we really want them passing more laws? We must become more involved in the maintenance of our own society. Grandma and Grandpa America particularly are most aware of what we have lost. Time to turn off Oprah, get off the couch, show up at council meetings, join a citizens’ group or start one. Anything is better than nothing. JOHN DOWNS, Newcastle