Get facts right or forget it

Reader Input
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After reading a recent contributor’s post (Reader Input, Feb. 11), I am once again saddened and amazed how people can so easily trip over the facts on the way to launching personal attacks at those they disagree with. You’ve lost the argument when such attacks are lofted over a factual foundation. Governor Sarah Palin merely summarized what the scientific community finds plausible about the concept of man-made global warming: climate change exists in the absence of man’s contribution. After all, the consensus is “An Inconvenient Truth” is based more on science fiction than science. One thing is certain, shifting the wealth of our country to the Middle East, in the form of petroleum contracts, does more harm to this country financially, than it does to secure our sovereignty in this world. The fear for our children’s sake should come not from Sarah Palin becoming something other than a private figure, but more so from shifting over $70 billion per year to further the development of Third World countries, over a carbon debt that does not exist. David Salmassy, Auburn