Get facts straight regarding U.S. flag illumination

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In regards to your non-story about flag illumination in and around Auburn (“Flap over flags flying in Auburn,” Journal, June 19): firstly, Bruce Warren, your staff writer, should be accurate in quoting his sources. He misquoted Mr. Rogar of the Tahoe Club, who asked “if he (Mr. Hewitt) would be happier if the flag was taken down permanently?” The flag of the United States has flown over the Tahoe Club since 1914, when the building was erected. This was 28 years before any Congressional flag code. It has been properly illuminated for 94 years and will be flown and illuminated in the future as in the past. Most of the members of the Tahoe Club are veterans and all are patriots. We resent the interference of your complaining gadfly and believe he should get a life. Dick Brooks Chairman, House Committee Tahoe Club Editor’s note: Due to an editing error, the complete quote in the above referenced article was omitted.