Get facts before you criticize

Reader Input
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I would like to respond to a letter submitted by Ed Saiz, “Republicans are anti-veteran,” (Reader Input, Sept. 26).
First, let me say that there are 51 Democrats, 87 Republicans and two Independents. The (Veterans Job Corps) bill needed 60 votes to pass the Senate. The actual vote (was) 58 yeas 40 nays and two abstains. Five of the Republicans voted yea, which means they didn’t even have complete support of the Democrats.
If you took the time to read Senate Bill 3457, you would have known that the “some money” you referred to was actually $1 billion. The money was to create “another” government agency in the cities with the highest unemployment to act as a single point of contact for the vets.
I believe we have the Veterans Administration, whom by the way, as a Vietnam vet every time I contact them they assist with courtesy and expedience.
And what would the Affirmative Action supporters think? Move a person to the front of the choice selection because of his or her military status and throw away race and sex requirements.
The rest of the bill seemed OK. If your military job classification was MP (military police), nurse, EMT, fireman, etc. and wanted to pursue it as a career. Then they should be allowed to apply for a position without having to attend the policemen’s academy, etc.
But maybe the bill should have included a requirement of a test to assure state qualifications. It was a bad bill, poorly written and way too expensive a tag for what it intended to accomplish.
Ed, “attack ads rarely tell the truth.” Find a different source for your information.
Ed Easton, Colfax