Get a good grip on your wallet

Reader Input
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Washington says the problem with health care is the ever rising cost. “Health care is too costly,” “Health care is not affordable to many Americans.” What I haven’t heard anybody say specifically is why the costs are so high. I hear insurance companies. I hear lawyers. I hear obese people. I hear seniors. I hear doctors. I hear waste and fraud. I hear smokers. I hear defensive medicine. I hear the uninsured going to emergency rooms. I hear people who are here illegally. This is quite a list to choose from. What I also haven’t heard from our “leaders” in D.C. is how we eliminate these problems and pay for it. The easiest to attack would seem to be waste and fraud, but I hear more about those evil insurance companies who, if you can believe some of the rhetoric, kill people left and right, and who charge exorbitant prices and make obscene profits. If the government takes over with a public system, will all these problems just magically disappear? If we force everybody to have insurance, and penalize those who don’t get insured, will the problems be improved? If we cut hundreds of billions from Medicare, what happens to the current seniors and those “Baby Boomers” who are about to become seniors? Who is going to pay for all these changes that the government says will be “revenue neutral”? Taxpayers, grab your pocket books because the government is coming after them with a vengeance. Don Perera, Rocklin