Get real about state pensions

Reader Input
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Without real reform to our state, county and city pensions and health benefits we are doomed as a state. It’s like rolling down a hill into the abyss of bankruptcy and the governance won’t do the right thing by putting the brakes on. The Democrats just can’t seem to face reality and make the hard choices that Jerry Brown has taken a little step in the right direction and support him. Look at San Diego where they face bankruptcy and they have a librarian retired with a pension of over $200,000-plus a year plus medical. San Diego’s problem is that 41 cents out of every dollar of revenue goes to the retired personnel. What’s ours in Placer County? Stockton is next and that’s if San Jose doesn’t beat them to it. Ask yourself why our elected officials (city, county, state) can’t/won’t address this most important issue and end this horrendous and catastrophic system of benefits? Where is the leadership on this issue? And those in education: where is CalSTRS financial position today? Education in our state needs a top-to-bottom overhaul with the way its funded and their pensions and benefits brought into reality: Where does all the money go? is the question often repeated. If you haven’t noticed, we now work for the governing and educators in this state. The federal folks are another issue all by themselves. James McKesson, Auburn