Get real: Current crisis isn’t ‘business as usual’

Your Views
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Our Congressman Tom McClintock and his toadies like Phil Cox (Your Views, March 10), George Park (March 29), and Dale Smith (April 2) just don’t seem to get it. They oppose the stimulus package as “new taxes,” as if it were simply business as usual. But this is not business as usual. We are faced with an economic crisis of almost unprecedented proportion. Although I would like to see their CEOs in prison, if our banks and major financial institutions were to fail, the rest of the economy could collapse like a house of cards. Then, instead of 10 percent unemployment, we could be talking about 20, 30, maybe 50 percent – for no one would have any money to pay wages. Many more millions of homeowners – responsible ones like you and me – would lose homes, for without jobs how could we make payments? Small businesses would be closing in droves, adding to the unemployment and foreclosure rate and reducing government revenues. Is this the scenario that our congressman and his supporters want to see? At what point in this nightmare would their beloved “private sector” take over – and how? It was a scenario much like this that led to the rise of Hitler in an otherwise democratic Germany. And while some may claim that our democratic institutions are stronger and more established than Weimar Germany, I for one would not want to see them subjected to such a strain in order to find out. One should take a good look at our economic situation and possible alternatives before attacking the bailout plan. Sadly, we may be mortgaging our children’s future – but the alternative might be no future at all. Will Smith Auburn