Getting back to a ‘Government by The People’

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In regards to Bill LaFlaur’s Sept. 12 Reader Input, “Republicans, rich-obsessed.” Bill, you are in the same boat as most of us but your response to our dilemma is not the solution. True, many Democrats are crooked as are Republicans and neither have the intention of representing the majority. Government has grown to the point where the protected class are government dependent, government employed, and those elected “Incumbents” that we, the people keep voting back in office. Rich folks have only one vote so rich folks without political friends cannot elect anybody. Rich folks can take care of themselves, they always have friends in government and their government friends are the very powerful that run government. There in-lies the problem for the rest of us. Most voters are not The Rich, not government dependent, don’t work for government (yet) and have not been elected to a powerful government office. The only way we can break the cycle is to change (pun intended) the cycle by not splitting the vote of we the people. KISS ... keep it simple stupid. If you truly believe that your candidate is doing a fine job then you should vote for that candidate. If you have any reservations about their job, performance, then vote non-incumbent. It’s that simple! If the liars and crooks, true politicians, can no-longer get re-elected, then they will slowly fade away and the people will again be represented by their government. Ted Sorensen, Auburn